API Docs for: 1.0.0

CKEDITOR.plugins.ezaddcontent Class

CKEditor plugin providing the eZAddContent command. This command allows to add content to the editor content in the editable region pointed by the selector available under eZ.editableRegion in the configuration.






  • editor
  • element

Appends the element to the editor content. Depending on the editor's state, the element is added at a different place:

  • if nothing is selected, editor.insertElement is called and the element is added at the beginning of the editor
  • if a block element is selected (not a widget), the element is added after the element or after the first block in the element path (after the ul element if a li has the focus)
  • if a widget has the focus, the element is added right after it


  • editor CKEDITOR.editor
  • element CKEDITOR.dom.element


() private

Fires the editorInteraction event this is done to make sure the AlloyEditor's UI remains visible